Wireless internet, generally known as Wi-Fi has become an essential for us nowadays. It works by transmitting signals through the air which are received by devices equipped with wireless network cards or adapters. Utilizing Wi-Fi, PC users can connect with the Internet for all intents and purposes from any room and can even connect with the Internet on-the-go utilizing Wi-Fi hotspots.

There are numerous advantages of utilizing a USB Wi-Fi adapter for gamers, which you can find listed below. Once you’re done reading these benefits, go ahead and purchase the Best Wireless Adapter 2018 to reap its benefits.

1) Frees Computer Users from Cables

A USB Wi-Fi adapter wipes out the need to hardwire the PC to a router or any other network device. Additionally, they take up very less space. The adapter gets signals from a wireless router or different wireless gadget and deciphers the signal so the PC user can get to the Internet whenever they are in search of a Wi-Fi hotspot or wireless system. This enables PC users to be genuinely versatile; they can get to the Internet whenever they are in vicinity of a free Wi-Fi hotspot or inside scope of a wireless system they have the privilege to get to. Notwithstanding, when individuals utilize new, free Wi-Fi-systems, they ought to know about security issues that can emerge.

2) Eliminates the Need to Install Internal Hardware

Internal wireless adapter cards are accessible for both desktop and smart phones. In any case, the vast majority are unfamiliar to installing equipment inside their PCs and could wind up harming the wireless adapter card or the PC itself during the installment procedure. USB Wi-Fi adapters basically connect to a USB port on the PC, so there truly is no installation required, making it sufficiently simple for pretty much anybody to use.

3) Eliminates the Need to Run Cables

Before, PCs must be found near an Internet source, be it a phone line or link outlet, in light of the fact that the PC must be connected to the system by means of an Ethernet link. This made it difficult to have the Internet source situated in the lounge room and the PC situated in the home office without running some kind of cable link. In spite of the fact that not constrained to Ethernet links in this circumstance, users either needed to drop a telephone or link outlet into the room containing the PC or run Ethernet link from the active outlet to the PC.

4) Eliminates the Need to Upgrade a Computer

PCs can be very costly, particularly if a user buys the best PC they can manage. The individuals who utilize PCs or PCs that did not accompany wireless system adapters introduced don’t need to spend a great deal of cash moving up to a more up to date PC. Purchasing an economical USB Wi-Fi adapter enables these users to connect with the Internet wirelessly without spending a lot of cash on moving up to an updated model.

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There are a lot of people who assume that video games are only meant to entertain. People do not usually play games in order to learn more things although most people do learn more and develop skills in the process.

For example, a person who plays a game that is based on ancient history will learn different details about the things that happened before. Even if you previously did not have any knowledge about the history of Egypt, you will surely learn as you continue to play the game.

This is the same with playing other video games. In the beginning, you may not have the right skills in order to go from one level to another. As you progress, you will become stronger and better at it. You do not just improve in playing the game, you improve in the skills you need to surpass that certain level of the game.

You may be frustrated to learn more about the Forex market because this is something that you want to enter but you do not know how to begin. You can always learn more by researching but if you can also play games in the process that will help you improve in doing math. The more skilled you are, the better you will be in doing math-related transactions.

These are the other things that playing video games can help you with:

  • You will enhance your memory. You also need to have a good memory when you are doing math. You have to remember all of the formulas and remember them when you need them. It is not always easy to do. Playing video games will help improve your memory and you will be rewarded in the process.
  • It can help speed up your brain’s thinking process. You do not want to end up doing your Forex or other math-related transactions slowly. You want to do it immediately because the faster you are, the better the rewards are going to be. Playing video games will allow you to think fast. The more that you understand a certain game, the easier it will be for you to do other things that are not related to the game anymore.
  • You can become a multi-tasker. A lot of experts recommend that people should not multi-task but there are moments when multi-tasking will help save you a lot of time. Playing video games will expose you to a lot of things all at once. Use your new multi-tasking skills for solving your math problems.
  • There are certain games that will help you learn more about different things. This was mentioned earlier. There are some games that will allow you to learn more about history and there are also some games that will help you learn more about math. There are even some games that are meant to help you understand different business and trading transactions better. Try these games out. They will give you a taste of what you should prepare for.

With all of these details in mind, you will find it easier to improve your skills and appreciate trading better.

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Hammocks are growing in popularity due to the comfort that they provide their users with.  The good thin with hammock is their versatility of usage. There are many types of hammock and they all serve different purposes, though of course you can use one single hammock for different purposes. Some of the common types of hammocks include:

Sleeping hammocks: As the name suggests, they are mainly used for sleeping due to the comfort that they provide.

Lounging hammocks: They are mainly used for lounging as opposed to completely falling asleep. They are the most common type and are mainly used in balconies; garden, by the poolside and on the backyard among many other places.

Jungle hammocks: They are also known as Venezuelan hammocks. The y are mainly meant to be used in tropical climates as they have a  netting that will give a cooling effect when the climate is warm and they have drip strips at the ends of the suspension ropes so that water may not be able to sip in the rope.

Brazilian hammocks: They are hammocks mainly made from cotton fabric but is gathered at both ends by a lace that is hand crocheted.

Hiking hammocks: They are hammocks mainly meant for hiking and are made from ultra-light material so that it is portable.

Couple’s hammocks: As the name suggests, they are hammocks that are mainly meant for two people. Most have a length of 8 feet and are big in size.

When it comes to choosing a hammock, the purpose of the hammock is what will basically define the right kind of hammock for you. Some of the other factors to keep in mind include:

Material and durability

The material used on the hammock is what will determine its durability. There are many types of materials that can be used on the hammock. Cotton and nylon are the most common types of materials used. The material will also define the weight of the hammock and hence if you are looking for portability, nylon would be a good bet.

Length of the hammock

The length of the hammock will determine the comfort of the hammock. When it is long it means that it will provide you will more comfort as you can always stretch out the way you want. When looking at the length of the hammock you should also look at the length of the attaching lines. They should not be too short so that they give you the flexibility of adjusting to help you use your hammock wherever you want.

Width of the hammock

Just as the length of the hammock is very important, the width is also important. It will influence your comfort and security when using the hammock. The width will also depend on your size and the number of users that will use the hammock.

Anchor points

The anchor points of the hammock will determine how much weight the hammock can bear. Too much weight can break the attaching cord or anchor.
There are many other factors to bear in mind when looking for a hammock, all you need to do is do your research well.

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Do you love softball and baseball?  Then you probably wish that you could enjoy this sport all the time?  Well, now you can because there are quite a few fantastic softball and baseball apps available that you can enjoy any time, any place on your smartphone.  Up next we are going to discuss the top 5 softball and baseball game apps that you can enjoy whenever you crave a bit of sport adventure or simply have some time to kill.

Top 5 Softball / Baseball App Games for Softball Fanatics

  1. Baseball Star

This trendy little 3D game is quite challenging but the difficulties is exactly what makes this game so fun.  The game has fantastic graphics, offers superb game play and you have a lot of control over the animated softball characters.

  1. Tap Sports Baseball

The game was launched in 2016 and is a great app to consider because you can compete against friends.  The game has terrific graphics, easy to play controls and offers good gameplay.  The general vibe of Tap Sports Baseball is much more realistic and life like thanks to graphics that resemble real life players.

  1. Real Baseball 3D

This is an incredibly realistic game with good graphics but the 3D setup might affect the gameplay a bit.  Real Baseball 3D is a superb time killer and great fun for any softball and baseball fanatic.

  1. Softball Quiz

This is the perfect game for those that love brain exercises.  The app is great for improving your understanding of softball and can improve your actual game when you know all the rules, aspects and moves by heart.

  1. Baseball Kings

If you want some good clean fun then this 3D game is perfect.  Baseball Kings offers superb gameplay and has good graphics. The game is quite tough but great fun once you get the hang of it.

Remember to enjoy some actual sports for improved health

Gaming is great fun but it is important to also get good exercise so you can stay healthy, fit and flexible.  Too much gaming will without a doubt affect your posture and health and could result in plenty of terrible health conditions.  Luckily you can easily counter these conditions by simply enjoying regular softball games with your friends.  Softball is one of the best sports to consider for overall health improvement because the sport gives you plenty of exercise, boosts muscle strength and keeps your body supple.  The game can also be enjoyed anywhere in the world because you can shop softball gear anywhere.  On Softball Bats Unlimited you can check out the best fastpitch softball bats as well as other softball gear.  With fantastic softball gear you can protect yourself against injury and get the most out of each and every physical game you enjoy with friends.

Learn the rules of the game

If you never actually played softball before then this can definitely be your next big personal challenge.  There are plenty of YouTube videos that will teach you how to play softball and you can also download apps like Softball Skills, Softball – Strength and Conditioning and more to learn exactly how to play the game.

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Outdoor Activities for Video Gamers

If you are a gamer then there must have been countless times when your family told you to get yourself off the couch. Being a gamer comes with a lot of stigma, one of the most common one is the fact that gamers just sit on their couch all day playing games. Well, that is not always the case but many gamers do spend more time on the couch than they do going outside. Keeping gamers mentality in mind, we have some outdoor activities that even the most avid gamers can enjoy.

Outdoor Activities for Video Gamers


If you love first person shooters than why not live it? Okay, so it won’t really be like Call of Duty but you can go out with your friends for a fun day paintballing. The experience is quite similar and you go through a course shooting paintballs at your enemy. You can make two or more teams and fight each other which makes the whole experience much more fun.

If you are afraid of paint balls then another alternative to this would be laser tag. Laser tag is slightly childish but just as fun.

BB gun fun

Another game for shooters, you can set up a course for yourself and use a BB gun to manoeuvre through it. If you have friends you can have them play too but this can also be played on your own. In your backyard, you can setup different targets and see how fast you can knock them down with a BB gun. This is similar to target practice and can be a lot of fun.

If you are not sure which BB gun is best for you, you can click here to select from the best BB guns in the market.


If you have the competitive spirit in you then you can even consider picking up a sport. There are numerous sports you can pick up from team sports like baseball or basketball to individual sports, golf and tennis. This will not only feed your competitive spirit but also keep you very active. You can try out different sports to figure out which one you actually enjoy.


Manhunt is a much cooler version of tag. It is when one person has to hunt down a group of friends who go hiding. Think a mix of hide and seek and tag. You can make it more interesting and use BB guns rather than having to go physically and catch your friend after you spot them. This game is fun for all ages and can be loads of fun if played in the dark.

So being a gamer doesn’t mean there isn’t any outdoor activity for you to participate in. There are quite a few you can consider which would bring your gaming experience to life. So rather than just sitting on the couch all day, why not try these with your friends.

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It is an understood fact that games are necessary for the human body, besides your daily bulk of work that fuels stress inside your bodies. So, to release that stress you must take part in games and sports. The point of this article is that there should be a balance between both indoor and outdoor games. In today’s age when technology is sky rocketing day by day, and technological gadgets are seen in everyone’s hands.

Children, youngsters, adults; all of them spend their time playing and using these gadgets in the comfort of their home. On the contrary, some crazy game fanatics spend hours and hours outside their home. It all depends on folks’ taste and mood, but a balance between the two is quite important for optimum health.

Some folks are so fond of games; they want their favorite game’s touch in everything. They try to find clothes, accessories, shoes and everything possible inspired by their much-loved game and most of their time is spent in search of those things.

How to Balance Indoor and Outdoor Games

People are also quite interested when it comes to home décor inspired by their favorite things, and same goes for these games and sports lovers. Such people like the depiction of their sheer love for games through their home decoration. If you are a game fanatic, wanting some change in your room or house, then you need to visit housedecorio.com. House Decorio provides you a variety of wall art and wall décor. They have a stash of wall art according to your liking and by your furniture. You can rock the walls of your home by their amazing collection. They have a huge variety of themes that give a radiant look to your walls and never let you get tired of looking at them.

Read these recommendations to start a healthy game schedule:

  1. Go out in the morning:

Morning is a perfect time of the day to observe Mother Nature closely. Early morning games are the most beneficial of all. In the morning, it is always a good idea to go out and play. It boosts up your mind and body. It could be a simple run, exercise of any type or any other game that can include your friends.

All activities in the daylight are healthy for your body. Physical exertion is so useful to fight diseases that can attack you in your aging years. So, in the morning you should always prefer playing outside unless it’s a bad weather and you cannot go out.

  1. Look at the weather in the afternoon:

Indoor and outdoor games, both are preferable in the afternoon, but if you live in some extremely hot area, it is always better to stay inside. Playing outside in scorching heat can be damaging to the human body. If the weather is pleasant, you should always prefer playing outside and enjoy the weather before it gets hot again. If it is rainy outside and you do not wish to get soaked in the water, you should opt for some game you can play under the roof of your house.

  1. Evenings are always best to play out:

The best time to play out and enjoy your game is the evening time. It is always pleasant and stresses relieving to go out in the evening and relax by playing your favorite game. It gets even better when you play it with your friends. Most of the individuals like playing outdoor games in the evening, and it also assists you to get off with your busy routine.

  1. Nights are for indoor games:

It is not a compulsion to play inside the court or house at night. However, it is better to play light games at night and spend time with your family. You can play Ludo, chess or a video game with your loved ones and have a quality time.

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There are many people who don’t know the difference between game and sport, if there is any. That is what we seek to find out in this article, what is the difference between game and sport? For many people, sport and game are one and the same thing, but that is a notion that is wrong, because they are two different things. In a game, two or more people participate, while sport is basically about the skill of the athlete, their performance. Below, we are going to break down some of the differences between the two in a bid to make you understand better:

  • In a sport, they tend to focus on the capabilities of the sportsperson, and it is the sportsperson that determines the outcome. In a game, it is the entire team of players that determine the outcome.
  • People taking part in sports are called athletes, while those taking part in games are called players.
  • Games tend to rely on strategies in order to win, while sports tend to rely on capabilities of the athletes, or luck.
  • In sports, the athletes have the power to make self-decisions, while in a game it is the combined decision of the players.
  • In sports, the athlete or sportsman gains popularity for their skills, while in a game it is the team.
  • Difference Between Game and Sport

The Best In-Ground Basketball Hoops

Being that we are talking about sports and games, I thought that I should mention basketball. It is a good example of a game, having more than one player in the team, playing against another team. L.A. Lakers is one good example of a team, and it takes the credit of its players when they perform well. We will now be looking at some reviews of in-ground basketball hoops as seen on http://bballworld.com/best-in-ground-basketball-hoop/. These are some of the best that you will find on the market, and are worth a try if you’re interested in basketball.

Goalrilla GS with Tempered Glass Backboard

The Goalrilla GS is a durable in-ground basketball hoop that features tempered glass backboards, DuPont powder coating, welded steel poles, amongst other features. This system is durable and comes with the features below:

  • 60” x 38” backboard with aluminum frame
  • 3/8” thick tempered glass backboard
  • 6”x6” steel pole
  • 3’ overhang (distance between the backboard and the pole)
  • Goal height adjusts from 7.5’ to 10’
  • Anchor kit included, and it is installed in-ground with cement
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty that includes the glass
  • Pro-Style breakaway rim included


  • It has a strong and stable square base.
  • Comes with a powerful rebound because of the 3/8-inch tempered glass.
  • It has minor shaking, making it the perfect hoop for intense backyard games.
  • This hoop can withstand heavy pounding and dunking.
  • It is easy to assemble.
  • The height is easily adjustable.


  • It costs slightly more than the other hoops.
  • Installation is easy but it takes a long time to install.
  • The hoop requires a lot of ground space besides the deep hole to root it down.

Spalding H-Frame In-Ground Basketball System

The hoop comes with a 60 inches by 38 inches’ steel framed 3/8 inch tempered, great for rebounds. It has an adjustable height of between 7 feet to 10 feet, making it perfect for both adults and teens alike, and it is easy to assemble.


  • 1 x 2-inch steel frame backboard with extruded aluminum rim
  • 3/8-inch thick board for better rebounds
  • Arena View backstop with four corner, Z-arm mounts
  • H frame board bracket for improved stability
  • Competition style breakaway rim with flex action


  • Positive lock breakaway rim and heavy duty make it easy for aggressive dunking and play
  • While most of the other systems allow a minimal height of 7.5, the Spalding H-Frame allows for 7 feet, making it convenient for kids.
  • Solid goalpost
  • The high-quality backboard makes this loop durable.


  • Extremely pricey
  • This backboard is pretty heavy, and installation could be quite tricky.

Spalding “888” Series In-Ground Basketball System

It comes with a steel frame of 72 inches by 42 inches, the 3/8-inch glass backboard consisting of tempered glass for great rebounds. It comes with an adjustable height of between 7 feet to 10 feet, and due to the J-bolt, its easily adjustable to anyone. It allows for intense play due to the heavy-duty NBA pole pad and flex break-away rim style that comes with the system.


  • The heavy-duty pole pad assures the players of safe play
  • Minimal vibration
  • Looks nice wherever it may be


  • The 24” deep hole that the manufacturers recommend isn’t very stable, and it would be better do add on an extra 6”.
  • It is too heavy and requires at least 3 people when installing the system.
  • Extremely pricey.

Silverback 54″ In-Ground Basketball System

This hoop features a 54 by 33-inch backboard with a 4.8mm tempered glass and aluminum frame that is long lasting. It has an adjustable height of between 7.5 feet and 10 feet, making it ideal for the whole family. It comes with a squared base of, and it is coated Dupont powder to prevent from rusting and keeping it shiny. When a player makes contact with the board, chances of injury are minimal because of the soft cushion created by the pole pad and backboard. The 2.5 feet overhang means that people can play underneath the hoop without the risk of crashing into the pole.


  • This is the perfect
Best Folding Bike for Bicycle Touring s

If you are a biking enthusiast and are looking for a bike, you have to know what to look for in order to end up with the best mountain bike for your needs. There is a wide variety of mountain bikes in the market and they all serve their purposes hence you have to know them so that you may find one best suitable for your need. With many bikes in the market, it may be challenging when you are trying to make the right choice since they are all relatively the same. Some of the factors that you should consider when you are looking for a mountain bike include:

Type of bike

There are many types of mountain bikes in the market. There is no particular best type; it just depends on what you are planning to use the bike for. The different mountain bikes have been made in such a way they can suit different kinds of biking terrain. The types of mountain bikes in the market include: Cross country bike, hard tail bikes, full suspension bikes, downhill bikes and free ride bikes. The type of bike that will be suitable will depend on the biker. For example trail riders will need a bike that can do various types of terrain while a cross country rider just needs a basic bike.

Mountain bike frame materials

Different mountain bikes have different frame material and the frame materials affect the strength, durability and weight of the mountain bike. Since different frame materials have different costs, the kind of frame material used will also affect the price of the bike. Normally lighter and durable frame materials are relatively more expensive as compared to durable but heavier materials. The common frame materials include: steel, aluminum, titanium and carbon fiber. Carbon fiber materials are of a higher quality and as a result are more expensive.

Mountain bike features

Different bikes have different features and hence one should consider the features the bike needs depending on the needs they have. There are many bikers that look into saving money by buying a mountain bike that has certain features then later replace some of the features with upgrades. Some features give the rider better control of the bike such as having tubeless tires. There are also some bikes tht have better rolling resistance than others. Again it depends on the needs of the rider such as the terrain they will be riiding the bike one. Some of the basic features to look out for are: brakes which most bikes have both rim and disc brakes, suspension, wheels,shifting system and saddle.

Montain bike size

A bike that has the right size will make sure that you are comfortable while you are riding it. The frame size and height should be in the right propotion. It is important o also consider the wheel size in proportion with the frame size when looking for the right bike to purchase. Testing the bike will be a sure way to make sure that it is the right size for you.

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Everyone has that sport that they are crazy about, whether it is basketball, American football or soccer. It is important for people to have hobbies that take their minds off work and school during their free time. In this article, we are going to be looking at foosball. Foosball is a soccer game that is played on a table. There are metal players that are attached to rods, which the players use to swing and more the players. This is a game that is popular with soccer players, and a great past time for the indoors. The first thing to do if you’re looking at playing the game is to get a quality table. I this article, we are going to look at some of the features that we think are important for every table. To make shopping for the foosball table a lot easier for you, we will also review a number of tables, some of the best that you can find in the market, that will keep you and your friends entertained.

Is it Raining Outside? Enjoy a Round of Foosball with a Friend indoors

Heavy table weight of about 200 pounds or more and thick side rails of 1 1/2 inches.

When your tables have these features, you can be sure of stability and durability, and especially during heavy play. Thicker and thinner tables tend to wear out near the goal posts.  Light tables also tend to shift during play, and that can be annoying.

Foosball men that do not have rounded, slick toes

For better ball control, you would want to go for a table that has men with pointed toes and cross hatching designs on the feet. This allows for the balls to be caught, pinned down and to take advanced shots. The ones with round toes cannot allow you to pass the ball to players back and forth on the same rod. Bank shots require a sharp edge on the man’s toe because you need to hit the ball off the side at a sharp angle in order to hit a crisp bank shot.

Counterbalanced or Counterweighted Foosball Men

These features are found in higher-end tables, and it is where the weight in the head is the same as toes with no weight in the heads, playing one on one becomes a problem, and then there is the issue of having to rotate the men all the way upside down vertically, when in defense. With counterbalanced men, you will be able to rotate your men horizontally and they will stay in that position and out of your way. Counterbalanced men also add a little bit of speed to the shots.

Foosball Table Reviews

We will now go ahead and review a number of reviews to make choosing a table a lot easier for you.

Hathaway Playoff Soccer Table – A good starter table for a teenager’s bedroom

Exclusive eye-catching graphics and quality construction make this affordable Hathaway table play as well as tables costing much more! Guaranteed fun and excitement for the entire family. This quality built, action packed foosball table is constructed from CARB certified MDF. Soccer balls glide easily across the smooth, life like green grass playing surface. The table features dual manual slide scoring systems, goal boxes with built in automatic end ball return, 1/2 in. chrome plated tubular steel rods, ergonomic handles, and ABS molded durable players. This combination is great for ball control and table action. Colorful and life-like exterior action graphics add to the dynamics of the table. Take advantage of this quality table at this great price! 90-day Limited Warranty.


  • Playing Surface: 40.5 in. L x 23 in. W x 1/4 in. thick MDF
  • 1/2 in. thick reinforced L- shaped legs with full end panel supports
  • 1/2 in. chrome-plated steel rods with easy grip rubber ergonomic handles
  • 3 goalie configurations with ABS molded men for durability -13 players per team
  • End ball return


  • Three player goalie configuration makes it easier for less experienced players to enjoy
  • The men aren’t shaped like on a pro table but offer a reasonable amount of control
  • Reasonably durable but the rods could be better made


  • The foosball can fly out of the end slot when scoring a goal
  • Takes 1-2 hours to build but at least an Allen key is included
  • A little light weight and not for a frat house

Warrior Professional Foosball Table – A high quality table, substantially built with an understated design, easily the best on test

Unique Rod Guard help prevent accidental injuries for players and spectators.

  • Rod Guards help distracted players from being struck by a fast-moving rod from the opponent.
  • Curious young children will be protected when coming too close to view the action
  • Does not affect the play of the rods
  • Added safety without supervision


  • Dollar for dollar best foosball table
  • Counter balanced men
  • Unique rod guard system for the safety of players of all ages
  • Pro’s play it for the quality, the parents buy it for the safety.
  • Fast and easy to assemble with one simple tool.


  • Incorporates counterbalanced men
  • Central ball return and serving hole
  • Includes the unique Rod Guard system to prevent being struck by a fast-moving rod – these are removable also if you prefer
  • Comes with 3 balls, 2 extra men, 2 spare bearings and rod lube
  • Excellent flat playing surface and great leveling system
  • Red and black men with wedge shaped feet for great foosball

We have to admit that we think it is kind of sad that people would rather sit in front of a screen to participate in skateboarding activities. Yet, we understand that the controller won’t break your arm if you happen to wipeout on a full pipe, or in the pool. We get the need for safety.  So, we will provide you with this list of the best skateboarding games for diehard gamers. But, we do think you should get out there and try real skateboarding some time too.

Best Skateboarding Games for Diehard Gamers

And, if you are up for the challenge, read about the best longboards for beginners in 2017. That way you can pick a board that is right for your skating environment. You will learn what materials make the best decks and why it is important to invest in a good set of trucks. Of course, you could always go the cheap route, and get a board that costs less than $100. That is considerably less than you probably invested in your gaming headset. Keep in mind, longboarding can do wonders for your physique. But, if you still want to sit on the couch, or in your gaming chair, keep reading.

Top 9 Skateboarding Games

Be advised, we are not trying to insult you. We like games too, but we do think there should be some sort of balance between indoor entertainment and outdoor activities. That said, please enjoy these top 9 skateboarding games, and then go outside and try to skate for real:

  1. Skate or Die- Ok, so this one is old school. Take a voyage back to the 80s, and see if you can locate this arcade game somewhere. Graphics will leave a lot to be desire, but it’s still fun. Learn more.
  2. Skate- The control and trick system attached to this game is entertaining. Believe it or not, the voice acting is actually pretty good too, and the graphics are incredibly realistic.
  3. Skate 2- If you are looking for tricks and features, this game has it all. If you want your skater to rise in the ranks, you have to complete some pretty difficult challenges. And, you get to explore the vast city while doing so. There’s an online option as well.
  4. Skate 3- Surpassing the last two, considerably, Skate 3 polishes up previous gameplay. It’s fun to play, and easy to understand.
  5. Tony Hawk Ride– Perhaps not the best of the Tony Hawk series, but still worthy of consideration, this game can’t be played with a controller. Instead, you have to use a skateboarding peripheral. At least you will have to get off the couch for this one. Watch this.
  6. Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground– Even the hardcore gamer will be busy for hours with these skill level requirements. There are some new tricks, like the nail grab and aggro kick. You can go online as well.
  7. Tony Hawk Downhill Jam– Imagine trying to race a skateboard downhill. This is probably the closest to longboarding you will come from the comfort of your living room. And, perhaps it will inspire you to do more research on Top Sports Brands.
  8. Tony Hawk’s Project 8- Try out the career mode to complete levels. And, enjoy the “nail the trick” feature which offers a slow motion mode. Or, if you’d like to see your skater’s feet, you can utilize that camera option as well.
  9. Backyard Skateboarding– You’ll have to purchase a Game Now account to play this 3D online game. Andy Macdonald is featured in it.

If this leaves you wondering about access to free skateboarding games, check out this link.

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