Hammocks are growing in popularity due to the comfort that they provide their users with.  The good thin with hammock is their versatility of usage. There are many types of hammock and they all serve different purposes, though of course you can use one single hammock for different purposes. Some of the common types of hammocks include:

Sleeping hammocks: As the name suggests, they are mainly used for sleeping due to the comfort that they provide.

Lounging hammocks: They are mainly used for lounging as opposed to completely falling asleep. They are the most common type and are mainly used in balconies; garden, by the poolside and on the backyard among many other places.

Jungle hammocks: They are also known as Venezuelan hammocks. The y are mainly meant to be used in tropical climates as they have a  netting that will give a cooling effect when the climate is warm and they have drip strips at the ends of the suspension ropes so that water may not be able to sip in the rope.

Brazilian hammocks: They are hammocks mainly made from cotton fabric but is gathered at both ends by a lace that is hand crocheted.

Hiking hammocks: They are hammocks mainly meant for hiking and are made from ultra-light material so that it is portable.

Couple’s hammocks: As the name suggests, they are hammocks that are mainly meant for two people. Most have a length of 8 feet and are big in size.

When it comes to choosing a hammock, the purpose of the hammock is what will basically define the right kind of hammock for you. Some of the other factors to keep in mind include:

Material and durability

The material used on the hammock is what will determine its durability. There are many types of materials that can be used on the hammock. Cotton and nylon are the most common types of materials used. The material will also define the weight of the hammock and hence if you are looking for portability, nylon would be a good bet.

Length of the hammock

The length of the hammock will determine the comfort of the hammock. When it is long it means that it will provide you will more comfort as you can always stretch out the way you want. When looking at the length of the hammock you should also look at the length of the attaching lines. They should not be too short so that they give you the flexibility of adjusting to help you use your hammock wherever you want.

Width of the hammock

Just as the length of the hammock is very important, the width is also important. It will influence your comfort and security when using the hammock. The width will also depend on your size and the number of users that will use the hammock.

Anchor points

The anchor points of the hammock will determine how much weight the hammock can bear. Too much weight can break the attaching cord or anchor.
There are many other factors to bear in mind when looking for a hammock, all you need to do is do your research well.

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Outdoor Activities for Video Gamers

If you are a gamer then there must have been countless times when your family told you to get yourself off the couch. Being a gamer comes with a lot of stigma, one of the most common one is the fact that gamers just sit on their couch all day playing games. Well, that is not always the case but many gamers do spend more time on the couch than they do going outside. Keeping gamers mentality in mind, we have some outdoor activities that even the most avid gamers can enjoy.

Outdoor Activities for Video Gamers


If you love first person shooters than why not live it? Okay, so it won’t really be like Call of Duty but you can go out with your friends for a fun day paintballing. The experience is quite similar and you go through a course shooting paintballs at your enemy. You can make two or more teams and fight each other which makes the whole experience much more fun.

If you are afraid of paint balls then another alternative to this would be laser tag. Laser tag is slightly childish but just as fun.

BB gun fun

Another game for shooters, you can set up a course for yourself and use a BB gun to manoeuvre through it. If you have friends you can have them play too but this can also be played on your own. In your backyard, you can setup different targets and see how fast you can knock them down with a BB gun. This is similar to target practice and can be a lot of fun.

If you are not sure which BB gun is best for you, you can click here to select from the best BB guns in the market.


If you have the competitive spirit in you then you can even consider picking up a sport. There are numerous sports you can pick up from team sports like baseball or basketball to individual sports, golf and tennis. This will not only feed your competitive spirit but also keep you very active. You can try out different sports to figure out which one you actually enjoy.


Manhunt is a much cooler version of tag. It is when one person has to hunt down a group of friends who go hiding. Think a mix of hide and seek and tag. You can make it more interesting and use BB guns rather than having to go physically and catch your friend after you spot them. This game is fun for all ages and can be loads of fun if played in the dark.

So being a gamer doesn’t mean there isn’t any outdoor activity for you to participate in. There are quite a few you can consider which would bring your gaming experience to life. So rather than just sitting on the couch all day, why not try these with your friends.

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Everyone has that sport that they are crazy about, whether it is basketball, American football or soccer. It is important for people to have hobbies that take their minds off work and school during their free time. In this article, we are going to be looking at foosball. Foosball is a soccer game that is played on a table. There are metal players that are attached to rods, which the players use to swing and more the players. This is a game that is popular with soccer players, and a great past time for the indoors. The first thing to do if you’re looking at playing the game is to get a quality table. I this article, we are going to look at some of the features that we think are important for every table. To make shopping for the foosball table a lot easier for you, we will also review a number of tables, some of the best that you can find in the market, that will keep you and your friends entertained.

Is it Raining Outside? Enjoy a Round of Foosball with a Friend indoors

Heavy table weight of about 200 pounds or more and thick side rails of 1 1/2 inches.

When your tables have these features, you can be sure of stability and durability, and especially during heavy play. Thicker and thinner tables tend to wear out near the goal posts.  Light tables also tend to shift during play, and that can be annoying.

Foosball men that do not have rounded, slick toes

For better ball control, you would want to go for a table that has men with pointed toes and cross hatching designs on the feet. This allows for the balls to be caught, pinned down and to take advanced shots. The ones with round toes cannot allow you to pass the ball to players back and forth on the same rod. Bank shots require a sharp edge on the man’s toe because you need to hit the ball off the side at a sharp angle in order to hit a crisp bank shot.

Counterbalanced or Counterweighted Foosball Men

These features are found in higher-end tables, and it is where the weight in the head is the same as toes with no weight in the heads, playing one on one becomes a problem, and then there is the issue of having to rotate the men all the way upside down vertically, when in defense. With counterbalanced men, you will be able to rotate your men horizontally and they will stay in that position and out of your way. Counterbalanced men also add a little bit of speed to the shots.

Foosball Table Reviews

We will now go ahead and review a number of reviews to make choosing a table a lot easier for you.

Hathaway Playoff Soccer Table – A good starter table for a teenager’s bedroom

Exclusive eye-catching graphics and quality construction make this affordable Hathaway table play as well as tables costing much more! Guaranteed fun and excitement for the entire family. This quality built, action packed foosball table is constructed from CARB certified MDF. Soccer balls glide easily across the smooth, life like green grass playing surface. The table features dual manual slide scoring systems, goal boxes with built in automatic end ball return, 1/2 in. chrome plated tubular steel rods, ergonomic handles, and ABS molded durable players. This combination is great for ball control and table action. Colorful and life-like exterior action graphics add to the dynamics of the table. Take advantage of this quality table at this great price! 90-day Limited Warranty.


  • Playing Surface: 40.5 in. L x 23 in. W x 1/4 in. thick MDF
  • 1/2 in. thick reinforced L- shaped legs with full end panel supports
  • 1/2 in. chrome-plated steel rods with easy grip rubber ergonomic handles
  • 3 goalie configurations with ABS molded men for durability -13 players per team
  • End ball return


  • Three player goalie configuration makes it easier for less experienced players to enjoy
  • The men aren’t shaped like on a pro table but offer a reasonable amount of control
  • Reasonably durable but the rods could be better made


  • The foosball can fly out of the end slot when scoring a goal
  • Takes 1-2 hours to build but at least an Allen key is included
  • A little light weight and not for a frat house

Warrior Professional Foosball Table – A high quality table, substantially built with an understated design, easily the best on test

Unique Rod Guard help prevent accidental injuries for players and spectators.

  • Rod Guards help distracted players from being struck by a fast-moving rod from the opponent.
  • Curious young children will be protected when coming too close to view the action
  • Does not affect the play of the rods
  • Added safety without supervision


  • Dollar for dollar best foosball table
  • Counter balanced men
  • Unique rod guard system for the safety of players of all ages
  • Pro’s play it for the quality, the parents buy it for the safety.
  • Fast and easy to assemble with one simple tool.


  • Incorporates counterbalanced men
  • Central ball return and serving hole
  • Includes the unique Rod Guard system to prevent being struck by a fast-moving rod – these are removable also if you prefer
  • Comes with 3 balls, 2 extra men, 2 spare bearings and rod lube
  • Excellent flat playing surface and great leveling system
  • Red and black men with wedge shaped feet for great foosball

As a natural gamer for the past 20 years I decided to create the perfect gaming room so that I could enjoy the ultimate gaming experience. I found that there are a couple of items I needed to purchase to make the room just right and to really create a great atmosphere for getting lost in my favorite games. With Virtual reality hitting the world by storm I also realized that I needed to create a safe space where I could get lost in the alternate universe my games have created for me because it wouldn’t be pleasant to hit the coffee table every time I lunged at an enemy. Here are a few items that will make all the difference in your gaming room.

Creating the perfect gaming room

Adjustable TV Stand

Your video game console and television needs a central piece of furniture to be displayed on. This will look more organized and also guarantee that you have the best view of your games that you are playing. You can select a great item that you can assemble yourself but make sure that it is adjustable so that you can change the angle of your TV at any time.

Cable Organizer

This is quite important, as a gamer I am always grimacing at all the cables that are bunched up behind my TV and game setup. With a cable organizer I am able to keep everything in its place. The solution that these nifty items offer to gamers is just fantastic. No more tripping over wires or disconnecting the wrong cables. Click here for tips to organize your cables with items that you have at home.

Wireless router in close proximity

You don’t want to get caught with your pants down in the middle of a battle as your internet disconnects. Make sure that you have a wireless router hooked up inside your gaming room to avoid this. It is just easier for your Wi-Fi connection to stay stable if the router is located in the same room as your console or PC. Click here for ways to strengthen your Wi-Fi connection.

Get rid of pests

If you have a problem with mice in your home you might want to solve your mice problem because it can be costly to replace chewed up cables. This is a big problem in many households and it is something you can avoid before making the change and setting up your gaming room. There are many ways to get rid of mice that are easy, humane and that you can do yourself.  Don’t wait too long before dealing with this problem.

Universal remote

Invest in a multimedia remote. This is great to be able to access and remotely control your console, TV and your PC. There is nothing worse than having 5 or 6 remotes lying around for different functions. It is perfectly normal to forget which one goes for which device. It is just easier having one remote control for it all.

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Best Gaming Chairs

Gamers who spend hour upon hour playing their video and PC games will require a gaming chair. There is nothing better than sitting down on a nice comfortable chair and enjoying a challenging game. However, do you know which chair is right for your gaming experience? Read on to find out more.

Don’t Get Gaming Chairs Confused With Office Chairs

Gaming chairs are completely different from an office chair and while you might think you know the difference, you’d be surprised over how many actually opt for office chairs instead of real gaming chairs. The truth is an office chair isn’t ideal for those who want to enjoy their video games as they aren’t built for comfort. Gaming chairs offer better support for the back and lower body and even come with armrests and sometimes a headrest – you can see the difference – and if you love to game, you need the best gaming chairs. for related information, visit : https://news.dartmouth.edu/news/2014/08/new-study-video-games-and-teens-behavior

Best Gaming Chairs

The X Rocker 51259 Pro H3

Hardcore gamers are going to want to get their hands on the X Rocker. This not only looks smart, but excels every gamer to ensure they have a solid gaming experience. The X Rocker isn’t overly costly and has a lot of support for the back which is ideal for gamers who spend hour’s playing. The armrests are also nifty and you get plenty of support from start to finish.

The Lumi Source Gamer Boom Chair

Surprisingly, this gaming chair is inexpensive, coming in at under one hundred dollars! That is a real bonus and you get quality at every turn. There is good lumbar support and the chair can be connected to almost any video games console. You can connect also to a DVD player and gamers will love how comfortable this chair really is. click here to find more.

The X Rocker 51491 Extreme III

This is great for gamers who also like to watch movies or to just relax in. You can get a nice surround sound option too since the speakers are within the back of the chair. Gamers are going to enjoy sitting in this chair whilst gaming and there are lots of amazing features too. This has to be one of the best gaming chairs available today and it isn’t too costly either, which is great as many don’t have much money to spend on such things.

Cohesion XP 8.1 Gaming Chair

The Cohesion is a huge gaming chair, but it’s perfect for comfort. This gaming chair looks good and offers so much! The thicker foam padding is able to offer more comfort for all users and it can even be folded down which means it doesn’t take up too much room. It also comes in well under the one hundred dollar mark so you aren’t going to be paying out a huge amount for this.

Gaming Mad

Playing video games can be fun but, if you don’t have a comfortable seat, then it can be frustrating. You can’t concentrate on the game and you end up giving up because of being uncomfortable. However, when you have the best gaming chair you can have a nice and comfortable seat to enjoy gaming. You don’t have to spend a lot of money, but it can prove useful to your gaming experience.

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A gaming company may sound like all fun and games but it is actually hard work.  As the manager of a gaming company you have just as much responsibility and work cut out for you as any other type of company.  There are supplies to control, stock taking, staff management, floor supervision and management and client queries to attend to.  And then there is admin… of all the tough parts about a gaming company; admin is the worst.  Most company owners spend a lot of extra overtime hours on just admin.  Even skilled managers with good experience in admin find this division quite hard.  Here are some tips for game company managers that don’t have admin skills.

Tips for Game Company Managers with No Admin Skills

You can study admin and bookkeeping

Most managers have basic admin and bookkeeping qualifications.  These qualifications help you out a lot because you know what the basic steps are when it comes to processing your documentation and finances.  Thanks to online tutorials, anyone of any ages at any location a study management and learn the skills it takes to be a good manager.  All it takes is a little bit of cash and a lot of effort and you will soon be equipped to handle any situation.

Hire a bookkeeper

There is no shame in being bad with numbers.  Everyone is different and has different skills.  If numbers just aren’t your thing then you can still run your company completely smoothly by simply hiring a bookkeeper for your administration and tax processes.

Outsource your admin

Outsourcing is a great alterative for companies that are simply not big enough to make it worth their while to hire a bookkeeper.  Outsourcing involves sending some of your work to other companies or professionals so the work can be done right.  You can outsource your admin to a bookkeeping company or even a secretary who can do all of your filling, liaising, bookkeeping and tax processes done for you.

You can even outsource payroll

Calculating payroll is a tough job.  You have sick days; leave days, holidays, overtime and hourly fees to consider when calculating someone’s salary and then you also have to remember to make the necessary deductions for benefits like medical aid, pension or unemployment fund.  By outsourcing your payroll to payroll services in Australia you skip out on all of this hard work.  A professional payroll company can do all the salary calculations and payments for you and will even supply you with pay slips for your staff members.  And if you think that this would be expensive, you couldn’t be more wrong.  Payroll Company’s charge per person per payroll run and some are incredibly affordable.  They are also willing to assist even small companies with payroll services so you won’t have to ever struggle to run your gaming company ever again.

Get the right software

With good company software everything in your business will run a lot smoother.  You have greater control over the supplies that are delivered and sold, you can control expenses much easier and the software is terrific for establishing the economic health of your company.

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Basic accounting skills are something anyone can benefit from because accounting comes in handy in all aspects of your life.  Every working individual should do their taxes and should have some knowledge on how to do tax claims.  But what to do if numbers just isn’t your thing?  A lot of people struggle to do file or claim taxes and making a mistake on your forms can be a nightmare to correct.  It takes a long time to figure out how everything works and time is simply not something that working people have.  When you do have a bit of off time, you don’t want to spend it scratching your head over some slips and government documentations.  You probably would much rather have a go at some of the new video games like Doom, Pokémon Go or Street Fighter V. With a good bookkeeper in Melbourne you can enjoy as many video games as you like because they can handle all your tax tasks for you.

Get a Bookkeeper and Have More Time for Gaming

Professional tax filling

Tax filing and tax claims is a breeze for any skilled bookkeeper and when you trust a bookkeeper for all of your personal book keeping you get an entire team of professionals who can do your taxes for you.  With professionals handling your taxes you are much more likely to get something back from taxes and you can enjoy all the video games you like without a worry because you will be operating completely legally.

Perfect for small businesses

Do you perhaps have a small business on the sideline?  Then a bookkeeper is a must.  They can do all of your accounting for you and ensure that your companies paperwork is done correctly and that all of the tax claims, year ends and monthly processes are done correctly.  With all of your accounting taken care off and all of your payroll duties done for you, you can use your off time on gaming instead of putting overtime in to get everything done.

Added services that most bookkeeping companies offer these days

Payroll services – You probably won’t need to process payroll as an individual but even small companies can get bookkeepers to do payroll on their behalf.

Pay slips – Bookkeeping companies can process professional pay slips for employers so employees can evaluate their salary.

PAYG summaries – These summaries will show small and large companies exactly where their money is going and they can easily see how much each employee was paid.

Onsite services – If your small business’s accounting side is a disaster then a skilled accountant can come out to your location in Melbourne and solve all of your problems for you at your home or at your small business site.

Offsite services – You can get your taxes done from anywhere in the world by simply emailing the bookkeeping company all of the necessary documentations.

Financial advice – Professional bookkeeping companies can give you some good advice on how to process your taxes and they can recommend the best software for small businesses. They can also advise you on what you are doing wrong when filling for taxes or when you are trying to claim tax payouts.

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