If you are a gamer then there must have been countless times when your family told you to get yourself off the couch. Being a gamer comes with a lot of stigma, one of the most common one is the fact that gamers just sit on their couch all day playing games. Well, that is not always the case but many gamers do spend more time on the couch than they do going outside. Keeping gamers mentality in mind, we have some outdoor activities that even the most avid gamers can enjoy.

Outdoor Activities for Video Gamers


If you love first person shooters than why not live it? Okay, so it won’t really be like Call of Duty but you can go out with your friends for a fun day paintballing. The experience is quite similar and you go through a course shooting paintballs at your enemy. You can make two or more teams and fight each other which makes the whole experience much more fun.

If you are afraid of paint balls then another alternative to this would be laser tag. Laser tag is slightly childish but just as fun.

BB gun fun

Another game for shooters, you can set up a course for yourself and use a BB gun to manoeuvre through it. If you have friends you can have them play too but this can also be played on your own. In your backyard, you can setup different targets and see how fast you can knock them down with a BB gun. This is similar to target practice and can be a lot of fun.

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If you have the competitive spirit in you then you can even consider picking up a sport. There are numerous sports you can pick up from team sports like baseball or basketball to individual sports, golf and tennis. This will not only feed your competitive spirit but also keep you very active. You can try out different sports to figure out which one you actually enjoy.


Manhunt is a much cooler version of tag. It is when one person has to hunt down a group of friends who go hiding. Think a mix of hide and seek and tag. You can make it more interesting and use BB guns rather than having to go physically and catch your friend after you spot them. This game is fun for all ages and can be loads of fun if played in the dark.

So being a gamer doesn’t mean there isn’t any outdoor activity for you to participate in. There are quite a few you can consider which would bring your gaming experience to life. So rather than just sitting on the couch all day, why not try these with your friends.

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