As a natural gamer for the past 20 years I decided to create the perfect gaming room so that I could enjoy the ultimate gaming experience. I found that there are a couple of items I needed to purchase to make the room just right and to really create a great atmosphere for getting lost in my favorite games. With Virtual reality hitting the world by storm I also realized that I needed to create a safe space where I could get lost in the alternate universe my games have created for me because it wouldn’t be pleasant to hit the coffee table every time I lunged at an enemy. Here are a few items that will make all the difference in your gaming room.

Creating the perfect gaming room

Adjustable TV Stand

Your video game console and television needs a central piece of furniture to be displayed on. This will look more organized and also guarantee that you have the best view of your games that you are playing. You can select a great item that you can assemble yourself but make sure that it is adjustable so that you can change the angle of your TV at any time.

Cable Organizer

This is quite important, as a gamer I am always grimacing at all the cables that are bunched up behind my TV and game setup. With a cable organizer I am able to keep everything in its place. The solution that these nifty items offer to gamers is just fantastic. No more tripping over wires or disconnecting the wrong cables. Click here for tips to organize your cables with items that you have at home.

Wireless router in close proximity

You don’t want to get caught with your pants down in the middle of a battle as your internet disconnects. Make sure that you have a wireless router hooked up inside your gaming room to avoid this. It is just easier for your Wi-Fi connection to stay stable if the router is located in the same room as your console or PC. Click here for ways to strengthen your Wi-Fi connection.

Get rid of pests

If you have a problem with mice in your home you might want to solve your mice problem because it can be costly to replace chewed up cables. This is a big problem in many households and it is something you can avoid before making the change and setting up your gaming room. There are many ways to get rid of mice that are easy, humane and that you can do yourself.  Don’t wait too long before dealing with this problem.

Universal remote

Invest in a multimedia remote. This is great to be able to access and remotely control your console, TV and your PC. There is nothing worse than having 5 or 6 remotes lying around for different functions. It is perfectly normal to forget which one goes for which device. It is just easier having one remote control for it all.

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