We have to admit that we think it is kind of sad that people would rather sit in front of a screen to participate in skateboarding activities. Yet, we understand that the controller won’t break your arm if you happen to wipeout on a full pipe, or in the pool. We get the need for safety.  So, we will provide you with this list of the best skateboarding games for diehard gamers. But, we do think you should get out there and try real skateboarding some time too.

Best Skateboarding Games for Diehard Gamers

And, if you are up for the challenge, read about the best longboards for beginners in 2017. That way you can pick a board that is right for your skating environment. You will learn what materials make the best decks and why it is important to invest in a good set of trucks. Of course, you could always go the cheap route, and get a board that costs less than $100. That is considerably less than you probably invested in your gaming headset. Keep in mind, longboarding can do wonders for your physique. But, if you still want to sit on the couch, or in your gaming chair, keep reading.

Top 9 Skateboarding Games

Be advised, we are not trying to insult you. We like games too, but we do think there should be some sort of balance between indoor entertainment and outdoor activities. That said, please enjoy these top 9 skateboarding games, and then go outside and try to skate for real:

  1. Skate or Die- Ok, so this one is old school. Take a voyage back to the 80s, and see if you can locate this arcade game somewhere. Graphics will leave a lot to be desire, but it’s still fun. Learn more.
  2. Skate- The control and trick system attached to this game is entertaining. Believe it or not, the voice acting is actually pretty good too, and the graphics are incredibly realistic.
  3. Skate 2- If you are looking for tricks and features, this game has it all. If you want your skater to rise in the ranks, you have to complete some pretty difficult challenges. And, you get to explore the vast city while doing so. There’s an online option as well.
  4. Skate 3- Surpassing the last two, considerably, Skate 3 polishes up previous gameplay. It’s fun to play, and easy to understand.
  5. Tony Hawk Ride– Perhaps not the best of the Tony Hawk series, but still worthy of consideration, this game can’t be played with a controller. Instead, you have to use a skateboarding peripheral. At least you will have to get off the couch for this one. Watch this.
  6. Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground– Even the hardcore gamer will be busy for hours with these skill level requirements. There are some new tricks, like the nail grab and aggro kick. You can go online as well.
  7. Tony Hawk Downhill Jam– Imagine trying to race a skateboard downhill. This is probably the closest to longboarding you will come from the comfort of your living room. And, perhaps it will inspire you to do more research on Top Sports Brands.
  8. Tony Hawk’s Project 8- Try out the career mode to complete levels. And, enjoy the “nail the trick” feature which offers a slow motion mode. Or, if you’d like to see your skater’s feet, you can utilize that camera option as well.
  9. Backyard Skateboarding– You’ll have to purchase a Game Now account to play this 3D online game. Andy Macdonald is featured in it.

If this leaves you wondering about access to free skateboarding games, check out this link.

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